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ASICS x Stadium

This video was crafted as a part of a collaboration between ASICS and Stadium Finland. It shines a spotlight on ASICS's Nagino Collection, a line of premium athletic wear designed to elevate your running experience. The captivating scenes were captured during an exclusive event hosted at Stadium Forum in Helsinki, Finland.

In this video, you'll see the enchanting world of ASICS's Nagino Collection as it unfolds. Influencer Hanna takes the center stage, leading a dynamic running session for event participants, inviting them to experience the Nagino Collection and ASICS's cutting-edge running shoes.

Captured with social media engagement in mind, the video is available in two distinct formats: the landscape 16:9 aspect ratio, ideal for standard viewing, and the vertical 9:16 format, perfect for mobile audiences. 

This video offers a captivating journey through the ASICS x Stadium partnership, showcasing style, performance, and the spirit of running.

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